RoPython Bucharest Meetup

Marți, 23 April 2019

Oraș: București

Locație: Just ask at the Desk, we are upstairs., Strada Gabroveni 9, București, Romania

Oră: 19:00

Durată: 2h

Tip: Prezentări


We will have our first monthly Python meetup on April 23th in the center at the charming COWORK CAFE ( If you have a topic you want to talk about let us know in the comments. I could give an introduction into Plone the Python Web CMS including a nice and lean Restful-API. But I'm open for more topics. The plan is to have the meetup once month.

The space there is limited, so please RSVP and update if you can not make it, so that other people can come instead.

After the meetup, we can have some conversations on a beer or two in the old town ;)