What is OpenStack and Python extensions in Nim

Miercuri, 18 January 2017

Oraș: Cluj-Napoca

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There will be pizza, courtesy of Yonder.


What is OpenStack (Cristian Tomoiaga)

Ever wonder what OpenStack is and how Python is used to build the largest open source cloud operating system ? Well, this presentation is for you! We will focus on the main building blocks of OpenStack, how everything is connected and why Python was the main programming language chosen.

Video and Slides.

7:00 Break

To C or not to C? Let nim anwser the question! (Vlad Bonta)

Python is slow, we all know it! Let's talk about some quick workarounds and how can a cool thing as Nim help us speed things out.

Video, Code and Slides.

8:00 Closing