OCR in Python and Running Django apps on Docker

Miercuri, 19 October 2016

Oraș: Cluj-Napoca

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6PM Entry

Introduction in optical character recognition with python (Toni Simu)

Many of you probably felt the need for OCR back in college trying to turn photos of course pages into editable text, later to become: smart cheatsheets. Now you have the chance to see how you can use it in your life and understand how it works. I’ll be walking you through the technology used behind it (tesseract and opencv) and point out a few buttons you can tweak to improve text recognition accuracy. You should also expect multiple demos on the subject followed by a short Q&A session.

Video and Slides.

7:30 Break

Running Python (Django) production apps on Docker (Felix Kerekes)

The talk will walk you through our journey as an early stage start-up managing our own SaaS infrastructure. It begins with why we ditched Fabric and SaltStack for a fully Docker-powered infrastructure. It will cover running basic Docker containers to managing and deploying multiple full-stack environments using Docker Cloud. We will also explore Docker's future, based around the new Docker Swarm, introduced in v1.12.

Video and Slides.

8:30 Closing