AWS love-hate relationship and Integration testing with Docker

Joi, 30 June 2016

Oraș: Cluj-Napoca

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6 PM Entry

AWS: love-hate relationship (Alexander Shchapov)

Amazon Web Services is a great infrastructure platform one can chose. From startup to enterprise. From one instance to tens of thousands. Dozens of services, computing instances, automation, queues, databases, storage of literally endless size. But with great tools comes a necessity to manage the infrastructure, orchestrate park of services and instances, ensure secure and reliable deployments. At iMedicare we use AWS for the complete product life-cycle of a sophisticated web-application which comes along with data processing pipelines. While using this platform we learned many things, some of which in a hard way. I'm going to share our experiences, dark and bright side of EC2 computing nodes, managed Postgres in RDS and huge scale column oriented storage Redshift.

7:00 Break

Docker powered pytest fixtures for integration tests. (Radu Ciorba)

We'll be looking at how pytest fixtures and the docker python api can make our lives easier when writing integration tests. AKA stories from that time I wrote an ansible plugin to manage etcd cluster membership.

7:45 Break
8:00 Closing