Gitfs, Argus CI and Pylint

Joi, 09 July 2015

Oraș: Cluj-Napoca

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For the next meetup we're going to do something different - an all-English show.

Hint: these presentations will be shown at EuroPython 2015 (don't tell anyone, it's a secret!)


6:00 Entrance

Vlad Temian - gitfs: building a filesystem in Python

gitfs is an open-source[1] filesystem which was designed to bring the full powers of Git to everyone, no matter how little they know about versioning. A user can mount any repository and all the his changes will be automatically converted into commits. gitfs will also expose the history of the branch you're currently working on by simulating snapshots of every commit.

Full abstract.

7:00 Break

Claudiu Popa - 12 years of Pylint (or How I learned to stop worrying about bugs)

Given the dynamic nature of Python, some bugs tend to creep in our codebases. Innocents NameErrors or hard-to-find bugs with variables used in a closure, but defined in a loop, they all stand no chance in front of Pylint.

Full abstract.

8:00 Break

Cosmin Poieana - Argus: the omniscient CI

Bring the continuous integration to a new level, through a platform/project independent framework able to give you unittest-like reports. Argus is a scenario-based application written in Python, driven by custom recipes under configurable environments, that can be used for testing a wide variety of small and big projects, with the ability of querying live data from the in-test application.

Full abstract.

8:45 Ending