CloudTim Panel discussion: Dynamic Programming Languages in the Cloud

Marți, 14 October 2014

Oraș: Timișoara

Tip: Prezentări


UnifiedPost and Cloudbase Solutions have teamed up for a cross-community meetup that will take the form of a panel discussion on a very hot topic: dynamic programming languages in the cloud.

Please vote for the most interesting questions you'd like to see addressed during the meetup. Please vote HERE.

The discussion will take a closer look at the Key Performance Indicators and the key architectural principles for cloud application development. Based on audience voted questions, we will talk about the role of dynamic and static languages in cloud application development and best practices in cloud development.

We will have the following panellists:

  • Koen Handekyn - CTO at UnifiedPost and Head of UP-nxt, UnifiedPost's R&D branch in cooperation with the Belgian universities of Leuven and Gent.
  • Lucian Petrut - Software Developer at Cloudbase Solutions, committed to bringing interoperability in the Cloud Computing world, OpenStack and Python enthusiast.
  • Valentin Bud – Systems Engineer at Databus, entrepreneur, Cloud Computing enthusiast. He enjoys smart people, interesting conversation and things well done.

More panelists are in the process of confirming their attendance to our event, so keep an eye on this space for regular updates on our speakers and the questions they will be debating.