Moderate TDD and Docker

Luni, 16 May 2016

Oraș: Cluj-Napoca

Tip: Prezentări



6 PM Entry
6:15 Moderate TDD (Adi Roiban)
7:00 Break
7:15 Docker for Python app (Ionel Cristian Mărieș)
7:45 Closing


Moderate TDD*

This talk is aimed at programmers who already have experience with unit testing and they either did not try Extreme Programming/TDD or they simply consider those too extreme :-) The content is about Python but the techniques could be used in any other language, even touching HTML/CSS/JS.

There is going to be a discussion about line vs feature coverage, continuous and pre-merge testing, debugging based on tests and practices for maintaining test code.

Docker for Python apps*

This talk is going to give an intro to Docker, how can you build images quickly, few recommendations about moving Python apps in containers and many complaints about Docker :-)